Enabled World Economic Forum to provide an unique experience of large language translation models on Metaverse by setting up a 1440 NVIDIA A100 GPU based Cluster.


  • WEF wanted to enrich the experience of Avatars from across the world while interacting in their own mother-tongues inside their Metaverse environment
  • The Metaverse avatars needed to render the translations in real-time without the need for human translators


  • Set up a large GPU cluster customised to run Large Language Models (LLMs) for 24 most used diverse languages from across the world
  • The LLMs would be constantly “learning” with new inputs, and plug into the Metaverse to deliver the actual user experience


  • Set up 180 servers housing 1440 NVIDIA GPUs in a cluster to meet real time translation requirements through an LLM
  • Storage and Infinitiband network integrated to run at 200Mbps


  • 50%+ increase in Metaverse traffic for WEF
  • 36%+ increase in customer spends
  • Significant increase in customer stickiness
  • $200mn increase in valuation of no idea as such, better to rephrase this line basis the available Info
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