Energy Solutions

Energy Solutions

We provide comprehensive technical consultancy for procurement, testing & commissioning of equipment related to the marine, offshore, subsea, renewable energy infrastructure, oil & gas industries. We collaborate with global suppliers and our clients to provide the best possible solution for all procurement and installation related projects.

Our global team of experienced personnel are equipped with industry knowledge and practical application skills for faster turn-around-time of client queries, project estimation and on-site project execution.

Our Services

Core Areas

Our expertise in sourcing specialized equipment help expedite project delivery timelines and optimise costs

Renewable Energy Infrastructure Equipment Trading

Specializing in Renewable Energy Infrastructure Equipment Trading, we are your trusted partner in sourcing and supplying cutting-edge equipment to power the sustainable future.

Technical Consultancies of Marine Equipment for Oil & Gas Industries

We provide comprehensive advisory services tailored to meet the unique challenges and requirements of the sector. From ensuring compliance with industry standards to optimizing efficiency and safety, our consultancy services aim to enhance the reliability and performance of marine equipment in the demanding environments of the Oil & Gas industries.

Procurement Assistance & Testing of The Equipment

Our team of experienced professionals offers in-depth technical insights and guidance on the selection and procurement various marine equipment crucial to the oil and gas operations.


Availability of subject matter experts
Availability of subject matter experts
Ability to provide cost effective solution
Ability to provide cost effective solution and offerings
Quick turnaround time on order execution
Quick turnaround time on
order execution
Scalable technical infrastructure
Scalable technical infrastructure