Created revenue earning opportunity for Blue Label Telecom to offer GPU-as-a-Service to customers in South Africa


  • Blue Label Telecom has identified a ‘First Mover’ opportunity by providing GPU-as-a-service for corporate customers in South Africa
  • Their existing data centers with large network and connectivity, could be leveraged to disrupt the market


  • Set up a number of small GPU clusters in data centers across South Africa, which could be offered on a ‘Pay-Per-Use’ model to customers
  • These clusters were kept flexible enough to allow further scalability and customization options as per customer requirements


  • Set up multiple clusters with a total of 650 servers, housing 5200 GPUs
  • While storage and Infinitiband networks are running at 400Mbps
  • While keeping option to configure small networks to offer inferencing


  • 80%+ capacity sold out by client within 6 months of launch
  • Effective ROI of 50% with full payback in 2 years (at current run-rate)
  • 80% market share of GPU-as-a-Service in South Africa captured by client, due to first mover advantage
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